Kikero N. K. Zero

Quick-thinking art thief with his hand on the dice



  • Art Thief (HC)
  • Gamblin’ Fool (Con)
  • Relentless Liar
  • Wanted Man
  • Disappointment To Family


  • Mantodean
    Insatiable Bravado, Condescending
  • Thief
    Ambidextrous, Filcher
  • Thrillseeker
    Athlete, Danger Magnet, Improviser
  • City Dweller
    Understands Urban Life, Can’t Swim

The Secret of Concealment
No matter how thoroughly you’re searched, you always have a few key items with you. You can produce any common, simple item at a moment’s notice.


High Concept

Art Thief: Always in trouble, always without a clue what he’s doing

Gamblin Fool: Any success will go to the house, often unwillingly. Also a poor but persistent cheater.

Where did you come from?

Kikero was the son of a high noble in Kitterchirp. He has likely forgotten the name of his family, as at the age of 12 (quite young for a mantodean) he was kicked out of the family for ‘rescuing’ a dwarf maiden from a Mantodean battle. She was to be the bait for the ambush, and Kikero was disowned for losing the battle single handedly. He wandered the desert without a coin to his name, but stumbled upon an undead wizard who was traveling abroad trying to look for the elixir of life. He stayed until he got on his feet, at which point he found the wizard was in fact going to sacrifice Kikero for some demonic ritual, and so he grabbed two ornamental swords from the wizard’s pack and has been on the run ever since.

He sticks out for his own – at least, those of his own that aren’t poncy elvish nobles that sabotage plans on the inside of heists – and his work lies in direct opposition to many small business owners, Thieves Guilds, governments, baked goods shops, mills, young children, kings, nobles, and door-to-door-salesmen. Most people don’t take him seriously – he’s well known in the underground, but never considered much of a threat.

Kikero N. K. Zero

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