Roa Kinyoa

Born-again hero with a renegade past



Born-again hero with a renegade past
His ill-learned Yumi moral compass is what drives his actions and reasoning.
Renegade of the underworld
The Thieves Guild has a bone to pick with his deserting hide.
“According to Legend…”
His entire conception of Yumi honor is constructed from meticulously researched childhood storybooks.
“There is only tomorrow”
Gives his attention to what his hero’s eye sees as most impactful to the world and most likely to be written in the history books.
“Where is your honor?”
Vocal of the flaws and weaknesses of others as measured against his standards of honor and conduct.


tradition, proud
Breathing Weapon
force of presence, bravado
Hero’s Honor
morally righteous, protect the weak, blindingly zealous, rash loyalty
nimble thinking, danger instincts

The Secret of the Hero (Leadership)
Once per session, you can give someone else a chance to re-roll a failed roll, by inspiring them or setting a good example.


High Concept
Honor-bound renegade of his past.

Bounty hunted. Renegade of the Thieves Guild. They don’t easily forget.

Roa Kinyoa

Where Did You Come From?
Lets not beat around the bush here: Roa was a bumbling rascal of a youth. To be fair, in his early days he gave everything his family expected of him. But it was all too soon apparent that his sense of ‘restraint’ was nonexistent. He was constantly falling into the wrong groups and getting into trouble among the masses of Kinyoa (such as wizened fisherfolk, Catharsis traders, or the Young Bookworms Association). In response, he was sent off to the highlands to learn the ways of Yumi Honor and Respect by the time-tested tradition of watching sheep herd themselves.

The next time Roa made an appearance was in a way no one expected.

Everything he’s learned about Yumi honor he’s learned from children’s legends.

Roa Kinyoa

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