Xanadu the Swift



  • Timmy is his velociraptor.
  • Not too smart
  • Goblin Scout with a velociraptor mount.
  • Loudmouth.
  • Can tame creatures easily.


  • Scout: keen senses, navigation
  • Goblin: Quick, smallish.
  • Bold: Loud, “never back down” attitude, says things first before thinking
  • Pirate: Loot, contacts

Wants to make a profitable market at any location. Had his own market until…

*Wandered around, scouting for the goblins at his hometown. He went to the current city to set up a *market outpost.
*He helped Janks travel to the city when he encountered Janks.
*Liked Cabana Tuan and his singing and wanted to hire him for the market outpost.
*Wants to sell stuff, but always have been travelling and scouting for his hometown

Xanadu the Swift

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