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Much of the following is either adapted or taken wholesale by the ideas written down by Mplindustries here:

1) All races get to choose any two abilities for ability score bonuses. In addition, your highest ability score can be chosen for the attack and damage rolls for all racial abilities where applicable.

2) Feat restrictions based on race no longer apply. Any race can take any racial feat (at the DM’s discretion). I am aware that this opens up a huge amount of potential resources for any one character, and as such I suggest looking at the class handbooks here to see what racial feats might benefit your character.

3) Classes gain additional proficiencies based on their role. These proficiencies are in addition to the base ones given.

  • Controller – All simple weapons, Leather Armor
  • Defender – All simple and military weapons, Light and Heavy Shields, Armor up through Scale
  • Leader – All simple weapons, military melee weapons, Light Shields, Armor up through Chainmail
  • Striker – All simple and military weapons, Armor up through Chainmail

4) Any class can trade their armor proficiencies for the Unarmored Agility feat.

5) Any class that has an at-will, melee weapon power that cannot be used as (or in place of) a melee basic attack, you can use the stat governing that power’s attack roll instead of Strength when you make a Melee Basic Attack.

6) Paladins can choose to base the damage their Divine Challenge deals on either Charisma or Strength. The Mighty Challenge feat (DP) now adds whichever of the two stats you did not choose to your Divine Challenge damage.

7) When you choose a Multiclass feat, you are also considered to have one power swap feat of your choice that you qualify for. Paragon Multiclassing does not require any feat beyond the initial Multiclass feat. In the epic tier, you may retrain your Paragon Multiclass Encounter power to a 17th level power.

8) More classes can cast cantrips! See Cantrips for details.

9) Predator Druids get the effect of Claw Gloves as a class feature. When a Predator Druid makes a melee attack in Beast Form with Combat Advantage, it deals +1d10 damage.

10) Swarm Druids gain proficiency in Chainmail and remove the Light Armor only restriction from their class features.

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Other Rules

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